Do you have a writing project in your head or on your computer (or a mix of both), and wish there was someone who could help you organize your thoughts, tap into your voice, find your writing process, and motivate you to keep going – like a doula, but for writing? Are you looking for someone who will meet you where you’re at, ask probing questions about your story, and give you honest feedback and ideas that further your project, while also understanding the vulnerability that is sharing your work?


As a published author with ten years experience as a birth doula, I offer my writing clients something similar to what I offered my birth clients – compassionate, non-judgmental support. I know that the process of writing can be lonely. It can be nearly impossible to find time for it (especially right now). And it can be hard to show others our work. I know what it feels like to have written so many drafts you can’t see straight, and I know what it’s like to get feedback in such an insensitive way that it makes you never want to write again. I’ve seen perfectionist mindsets crush the seeds of creativity.

I offer the antithesis of that.

When you work with me, I will listen to you. I will read your work with generous eyes. I will validate the hardships of the writing (and living) process. And, as a truth-teller, I will help give you actual action steps to move your project and craft forward, no matter if it’s fiction, memoir, non-fiction, or something else entirely. In addition to tending to big picture items like framework, outlines, story, and themes, we can also zoom in and cover characters, sentences, editing, voice, and more. Ultimately, you decide how zoomed out or zoomed in you want us to be. I can read and edit pages, or I can simply help you get your ideas out of your own head. Or both.

A client of mine says, “When I work with you, it feels like I’m getting writing feedback and therapy!” Haha. I am NOT a therapist, but my background in birth trauma sessions definitely informs the way I treat people and how I listen below the surface.

The best way to get a feel for who I am is to read my book, or listen to my podcast, specifically this episode: “TMI About Adult Conversation with Brandy.”

If you’re ready to see what kind of magic we can work together via Zoom, you can email me at brandyferner at gmail dot com. Clients book me weekly, every few weeks, monthly, or for an as-needed check-in. We can discuss what you’re looking for. My rate is $50/hr.

Some kind words people have said about working with me:

“Brandy is able to help me crystallize my thoughts and find the thread in the story I’m trying to tell. Her support and constructive critique have been invaluable to my process. Plus, she’s just damn funny.”

“Brandy is good medicine for the modern writer. She works with the whole person, taking into consideration the type of edit you are seeking. With keen instincts, and an expansive view on possibilities, she is your ‘go-to’ on where to go next if you find you are stuck. Additionally, she knows well the challenges of writing presents and can talk you off a ledge. Call her. You’ll be glad you did.”

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